Beer Blurb: Core Beers

Posted on October 03 2022, By: Rie Stadnichuk

Beer Blurb: Core Beers

Our 3 core beers are the cornerstone of what we do. Much like literary classics, they stand the test of time and are loved by many. All of our beers are named after books with a relation to the ingredients or style. Available year round, our core beers are on tap and in 4 packs in our taproom as well as distributed to certain stockists


German Pilsner — 5% (Beer / Bière)
Profile: Clean, crisp, slight bitterness, slight biscuit and sweet malt flavour 
Description: A beloved German tale known around the world. Just like your adventures in Fantastica, you won’t want this German Pilsner to end. This classic beer is made with 100% Barke Pilsner Malt and is perfect for sipping on those never-ending summer nights with your best friend Falkor.


Promised Land

Hazy Pale Ale — 4.8% (Beer / Bière)
Profile: Soft mouthfeel, light body, low bitterness, citrus and tropical fruit flavour and aroma from the hops
Description: A classic murder mystery set in foggy New England. Just like its namesake, our New England-style Hazy Pale Ale is as cloudy as they come. Teeming with Citra and Mosaic hops, this action-packed beer is full of bold flavours and some shocking twists and turns. Whodunnit? We did.


Rascal King

Hazy IPA — 6.5% (Strong Beer / Bière Forte)
Profile: Soft and smooth mouthfeel, low bitterness, slight sweetness, big juicy flavour and aroma of citrus and sweet fruits
Description: A seemingly tall tale of a shady grifter who became the hero of Boston. Called "ludicrous part of the time, shocking most of the time, and tawdry all of the time," Rascal King was made for lovers of all things hazy—brewed with juicy Citra, complex Mosaic, and tropical Azacca.