Beer Blurb: Core Beers

Posted on October 03 2022, By: Rie Stadnichuk

Beer Blurb: Core Beers

Our 3 core beers are the cornerstone of what we do. Much like literary classics, they stand the test of time and are loved by many. All of our beers are named after books with a relation to the ingredients or style. Available year round, our core beers are on tap and in 4 packs in our taproom as well as distributed to certain stockists


German Pilsner — 5% (Beer / Bière)

Profile: Clean, crisp, slight bitterness, slight biscuit and sweet malt flavour 
Description: Made with 100% Barke heritage malt grown in northern Germany for hundreds of years, this German-style pilsner has a delicious biscuity malt backbone, with a snappy bitterness that cleans your pallet and makes you wish it would never end.

Promised Land

Hazy Pale Ale — 4.8% (Beer / Bière)

Profile: Soft mouthfeel, light body, low bitterness, citrus and tropical fruit flavour and aroma from the hops
Description: Loaded with Citra, Mosaic, and Idaho 7 hops, fruit and citrus dominate this full-flavoured pale ale. With its friendly alcohol percentage, it makes the perfect companion for any occasion. Not all beers need to be high in alcohol to deliver what is promised.


Rascal King

Hazy IPA — 6.5% (Strong Beer / Bière Forte)

Profile: Soft and smooth mouthfeel, low bitterness, slight sweetness, big juicy flavour and aroma of citrus and sweet fruits
Description: Our most beloved brew. Big flavours of tropical fruit burst from this Hazy IPA thanks to excessive amounts of Citra, Mosaic, and Azacca hops that are carried on the backs of the wheat and oats used to give this beer a rich luxurious body—fit for either rascal or king.