Beer Blurb: Voices in the Evening

Posted on December 16 2022, By: Christopher Bjerrisgaard

Beer Blurb: Voices in the Evening

Blackberry Blood Orange Sour - 7.2% - (Strong Beer / Bière Forte) 

Profile: This beer is loaded with 140lbs of blackberries and 121lbs of blood orange giving it a beautiful pink colour. Vanilla and lactose are also featured, providing a sweetness, and soft creamy texture to balance the tartness of this sour.


Description: A short but moving story about young love overcast by the opinions of others. This Blackberry Blood Orange Sour is one to fall in love with. Its delicately tart and citrusy fruits balance the sweet lactose, with flavours lingering long after the first sip is gone.

“I have driven a great many of my thoughts underground. I have dug out a little grave for them.”