Beer Blurb: Chapel Road and Friday Songs with Twin Sails

Posted on October 31 2022, By: Rie Stadnichuk

Beer Blurb: Chapel Road and Friday Songs with Twin Sails

Chapel Road

Orange Cherry Dubbel — 7.2 % (Strong Beer / Bière Forte) 
Profile: Both malt and yeast forward, the malt provides a sweet, candy/caramel note while the yeast provides a slight bubblegum flavour. Made with real cherries and oranges, giving this classic style beer a refreshing twist. 
Description: A complex, innovative novel exploring the rise and fall of Flemish Socialism. Like Chapel Road, the Dubbel hails from Belgium. The Abbey-style beer was originally brewed by monks in monestaries. Our ale is a different kind of spiritual experience: dark caramel with notes of orange and cherry. 


Friday Songs collab with Twin Sails Brewing

Czech Lezak Lager — 4.2% ABV (Beer / Bière) 
Profile: Light, biscuity, and slightly bitter, this SMASH (single malt and single hops) beer uses Czech malt and hops. 
Description: A poetic and optimistic love letter to Jan Neruda's country. Lezak is an ode to the great beers originating from the Czech Republic. Expect clean bitterness and nobel hop aromas from the Czech-grown Kazbek hop. 

Although widely known for their boundary pushing IPAs, the Twin Sails Low Life series is their love letter to lager, the way Friday Songs is a love letter to the Czech Republic. This common bond is what brings our two breweries together.