Beer Blurb: The Empress of Ice Cream

Posted on February 21 2023, By: Christopher Bjerrisgaard

Beer Blurb: The Empress of Ice Cream

French Vanilla Cherry Sour Swirl Nitro Blonde - 5.0% - (Beer / Bière) 

Normally we keep these beer blurbs short and sweet, but this beer needs a bit more of an explanation as it's one of the wildest brews we've done to date. 

A couple of months ago we reached out to our friends at 49 Below Craft Ice Cream with a wild idea - what if we made ice cream beer x beer ice cream inception? After some skeptical looks we explained that we wanted to make an ice cream flavoured beer by adding unfrozen French vanilla ice cream custard to a delicious sour cherry infused nitro blonde ale, and then use that same ice cream beer and sour cherry puree to make a beer infused ice cream sandwich! Needless to say, they were down to see the results of this wacky experiment. Those results? They're incredible! As stand alone experiences the beer and ice cream sandwiches are delicious treats; however, when paired up they converge into a single mind boggling flavour extravaganza. 

We have a couple of these ice cream sandwiches for sale, only at Small Gods Brewing, for those who wish to experience the full meal deal while supplies last!