Beer Blurb: The Great Alone

Posted on February 02 2023, By: Christopher Bjerrisgaard

Beer Blurb: The Great Alone

Alaska IPA - 6.4% - (Strong Beer / Bière Forte) 

Profile: Our take on a Cold IPA. Fermented at colder temperatures than our normal IPAs for a clean profile that showcases the Sultana hops, which were named for one the largest mountain peaks in Alaska due to their massive hop cones. This beer is clear, crisp, clean and loaded with juicy flavours of ripe pineapple with a subtle pine finish.

Description: A commanding tale of a girl learning to survive the harsh realities of the last frontier. Alaska is home to incredible mountains including Sultana, which inspired the hops in this beer. Juicy pineapple and refreshing pine from Sultana hops provides a mountain of flavour to this IPA.

“You know what they say about finding a man in Alaska—the odds are good, but the goods are odd.”