Beer Blurb: Angel Maker with Dageraad

Posted on April 11 2023, By: Christopher Bjerrisgaard

Beer Blurb: Angel Maker with Dageraad

Hazy Belgian Pale Ale - 5.3% - (Beer / Bière) 

About the beer:

Inspired by a tale about one man’s macabre ambition to create life and secure immortality no matter the cost, this Hazy Pale Ale features a blend of Belgian & Cosmic Punch yeast heavily dry-hopped with noble hops, making a bright, fruity, and herbaceous modern take on a traditional beer.

About the collaboration: 

Small and stubborn, both Dageraad and Small Gods exist because of a love of great beer, great food, and a pyrrhic desire to make the best beer we possibly can.