Infinite Jest: Turns out the joke was on us

Posted on January 25 2023, By: Christopher Bjerrisgaard

Infinite Jest: Turns out the joke was on us

Back in late December we released a beer called Infinite Jest, a Hazy Double IPA made with Mosaic Cryo hops. If you're not aware of Cryo hops, they are an amazing way of processing hops that concentrates flavours and aromas, which is a fantastic thing, until it isn't. 

The beer contained a concentrated batch of hops that produced a flavour that functions similarly to cilantro which, as many people know, can taste deliciously herby or, if you're genetically predisposed, it can taste like soap. What we did not realize at the time was that this ingredient in our beer could taste fruity to some people or, if you have the genetic predisposition, it could taste like burnt rubber. (Like cilantro, the beer is totally safe to ingest, no matter what you taste, but it sure isn't pleasant if it tastes like burnt rubber!)

We packaged this beer during the holiday season. We were rushing around to fill orders, and as a result we had fewer people quality control (QC) the beer than we normally would. All those who did QC the beer were not genetically predisposed to taste the off flavour, and thus the beer was packed and shipped to stores. Luckily, not much of the first batch was actually packed and when we noticed the issue we did three things:

  1. We dumped the remaining beer that was in tank, about 2/3rds of the batch. 
  2. We brewed a new batch of this beer with a different lot of non-Cryo Mosaic, which is tasting fantastic.
  3. We recalled and destroyed what beer went to market.

Unfortunately, some of the beer did make it into the hands of customers. For that we are sorry and would urge anyone who had a bad experience with Infinite Jest to contact so we can take care of you. 

Today is the day that we re-release Infinite Jest. Consider this Infinite Jest Redux, now tasting amazing to 100% of the people who try it. Chalk this one up to a tough learning experience for Team Small Gods. We never want a sub par product to make it to market, nor be known as a brewery that cuts corners. For that we say mea culpa, and will do what we need to do to make things right.

All the best,

Team Small Gods